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Should I Get Certified As A Windows Phone Developer?

The question about going into Windows Phone development is now being asked by more and more mobile developers. With Windows Phone being the fastest growing mobile operating system in 2013, Microsoft has doubled its market share in the mobile industry within the last year. But is becoming a certified Windows Phone Developer a good idea now? In this article, we urge you to think twice.

Should I Choose CCNA or Network+ Certification?

Many network specialists are faced with the dilemma as to which industry certification to take, especially in the very beginning of their career. The choice usually boils down to the 2 leading certifications: Cisco’s CCNA Routing and Switching and CompTIA’s Network+.

Does CompTIA Build Vendor-Neutral Certifications That Measure Foundation Skills?

One of the aims of CompTIA is to promote the professionalism of IT staff. It does this through accredited training specialists and certification programmes. Training providers are reviewed and approved by CompTIA through the CompTIA Authorized Partner Program which aims to provide high-quality exam preparation.

I’m Only Good at HTML and CSS – Any Chance I Can Get a ‘Grown Up’ Certification?

So you think you’re good at HTML? So good, in fact, that you are looking at all those serious CompTIA, Cisco, etc style certifications and wonder if there is one for you. But do you really need one in the first place? If so, Microsoft is your go-to destination… yet again.

Some of the Relevance of Embracing Scrum to Rescue a Project

Some of the justifications for transferring a project from prevalent frameworks to Scrum. Justifications are the project being in the analysis state, the project being unable to deliver the goods which were expected, no clear-cut indication of where funds were being spent on towards which end, delivery of unexpected results wasting valuable time and money etc.

Why You Should Hire IT Certified Staff in the Age of the IT Skills Gap

In recent years, the importance of IT to business success continues to trend upwards. Technology has become instrumental in the day-to-day running of an organisation as well as driving businesses forward. However, skills deficiencies, in core and emerging technologies, are having a detrimental impact on businesses.

What Are the Best Tips to Get Certified on “CCT Routing and Switching?”

What is the new CCNA Routing & Switching? The Cisco Certified Network Associate – Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S) or formerly known as CCNA is the all new certification with updated exams and knowledge. The course outline of new CCNA Routing and Switching is updated according to the latest networking technologies and trends used today.

Studying for 1Z0-460: Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials

Oracle Linux is fast becoming the Linux distribution of choice for serves that will host Oracle databases. Passing the 1Z0-460 exam will grant an Oracle Specialist certification that is valuable to employees of Oracle Partner companies and can be a career boost for anyone who works with Oracle Linux 6. This article provides some insight into the exam and hints on preparing for it.

How to Make Best Use of Online Training?

Online training is the service that is offered by most of the data management software companies. These online training programs ensure that the users are familiar with all the aspects to the software and use them with maximum efficiency. This has enabled a number of users to understand the software and use them in their business organization without much hassle.

A Hiring IT Managers View on Industry Certifications

When IT Managers are faced with the task filling an open position, what do you need for your resume to stand out? Industry certifications show a desire and capacity to learn and are one of the best ways to shine and give yourself an additional edge. So what certifications are hiring IT managers looking for?

How to Choose the Apt Online Training?

Many individual and companies are embracing the use of data management software as compared to filing nowadays. They are also on a constant look out for employees who can handle these software with ease. Therefore a good knowledge of data management software and its functioning can become a highlight in the portfolio of many candidates. Since these software are very complex, individuals need sufficient training to use these software. Many software companies offer free online training to the users. They not only are helpful to strengthen the basics of individuals but also help them to operate the software without the need of any assistance after the completion of training.

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