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An Important Tool for a Scrum Master: Retrospection and Reworking

Scrum is nothing but an agile strategy that is used to facilitate quick and efficient development processes, particularly in the field of software development. Though it is found to be very productive in most instances, there is always scope for improvisation and further achievement.

How to Choose a Scrum Master?

In their capacity as scrum master, one’s duty is to guide, oversee and facilitate that the scrum work process is unimpeded, and used optimally to ensure higher efficiency in product development projects. However, for scrum to be successful, it is extremely important that all those invested in it, be it the Scrum Master, Product Owner or Development Team, understand the nature of their responsibilities and therefore do what is expected of them, which will not be possible until and unless, all these roles are well-understood by those assigned to them. Often, when a sudden switch is…

Cisco’s Packet Tracer Provides Multiuser VoIP Lab Without Hardware Expense

Cisco has also added two fantastic features to their Packet Tracer network simulator application that when combined provide instructors with the ability to create a multiuser VoIP classroom lab environment that requires no additional hardware outside of the network simulator application. The key to providing a VoIP classroom lab environment is the multiuser capabilities of Packet Tracer. By allowing multiple computers running Cisco’s Packet Tracer to connect to a simulated WAN environment using a Local Area Network (LAN) and ports provides the students the ability to build individual labs and connect the labs to the simulated WAN as though they were in a real world environment, and with the aide of an inexpensive headset that can actually make phone calls to other students via the simulated WAN.

Why CPIM Study Guides Make A Difference on the Exam

Why CPIM practice questions will help you attain the illustrious APICS certification. We all know that economic times are tough, but what better reason to bolster your resume?

How to Pass the APICS CPIM Exams

A very helpful article on the basics of the CPIM certification and how APICS has structured the 5 exams. These exams will test the supply chain professional’s understanding of OMBOK (Operations Management Body of Knowledge). Are you prepared?

Some Common Problems That A Scrum Master Faces

The Scrum Master has the primary role of facilitating this work strategy and ensuring that there is no impediment in the team’s efforts at achieving their sprint target. However, small glitches and unexpected errors always occur, and some are so common that all scrum masters should have some prepared or prospective solutions ready for them. It is not only time-saving and efficient, but also allows for the sharpening of one’s crisis management abilities in the long run.

Taking the CPIM Exam: Set Your Schedule

There is a certain hum about the CPIM exams as it seems many people are trying to gain insight into the tests themselves. How do I study for the CPIM test? What can I do to prepare for the CPIM exam? What are my options and what can I expect the day of the CPIM test? We get asked questions like these daily as there really isn’t much information out there on how to succeed in this arena. To remedy this, we’re writing a series of blog posts that will help CPIM seekers successfully prepare and pass the exams.

Taking the CPIM Exams: Should I Guess?

Your knowledge of operations management is strong due to the many hours of self-study, but what happens if you encounter a question that you have absolutely no idea how to answer? CPIM study guides aren’t guaranteed to teach you all of the fundamentals needed to pass these tests and 60% of self-studiers panic when subject matter they hadn’t anticipated begins creeping into their exam.

The Incredible Benefits of the CCNA Boot Camp

So you are embarking upon a career in IT, but have you considered what training you need to do to stand out from the crowd? And the timescales you have to work with?

What Professionals Benefit From a CISCO Training and Certification Program?

It’s not hard to see that the IT industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and that the growth is sustained, and ongoing*. As such, it’s a great industry to get into for those with a love of technology and the desire to work with computer networks.

W3C Validation Importance in Web Development

In the ever-increasing field of web style, it is crucial to make sure that your web page is W3C certified. The W3C also known as Community Large Web Range is an international web-monitoring conventional. The purpose of this consortium is to make sure that all websites and their elements are well arranged and visitor helpful.

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