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Top 5 IT Professions That Should Get CCNA Certified

Whether you’re already a trained IT professional employed in the field and looking to develop your capacities, or someone just beginning their career, there are many reasons to seek certification in Cisco technologies, software, and networking tools. These technologies lead the industry, and are employed in a range of applications and by major corporations in Silicon Valley and beyond. Being familiar with them is certainly a boon to your potential salary and competitiveness if you are currently looking for employment, and job security and day-to-day efficiency if you already hold a position in the IT world.

Subnetting Class B IP Address

For those familiar with IP addressing and VLSM, you will remember that Class B network address possesses more possible subnet than class C. An example of a class B address and subnet mask is Mask it can be simplified in a CIDR form as /16.

Testing for EMC Compliance

Electrical and electronic products often (unexpectedly) produce radio-frequency (RF) energy. Every digital device has the potential of causing unintentional interference to other electrical devices. Electrical products are used in every aspect of our lives, such as providing communication, all forms of entertainment, luxurious lifestyles (transportation, appliances, utilities, recreational), and life support, to name a few. Of all items listed, communication systems and life support rank highest in the areas of concern when interference from unintentional sources of RF energy may be observed.

Common Mode Currents Vs Differential-Mode

In all circuits both common-mode (CM) and differential-mode (DM) currents are present. Both types of current determine the amount of RF energy propagated between circuits or radiated into free space. There is a significant difference between the two. Given a pair of transmission lines and a return path, one or the other mode will exist, usually both. Differential-mode signals carry data or a signal of interest (information). Common-mode is an undesired side effect from differential-mode transmission and is most troublesome for EMC. For purposes of this discussion, reference to differential (twisted) pair transmission lines is not presented.

Why Create Mobile Applications?

A decade ago cellular phones could pretty much only do just that phone home. It seems now that even E.T. would be surprised at the advancement in cellular technology. Phones now have their own operating system, such as android an open source a very popular amongst developers. Presently cellphones are anything but phones, but portable devices that can pretty much do anything your laptop does.

A General Guideline for Microsoft 70-162 Certification

When we talk about IT learning activities, these could never end because every new day we find new software on the face of the internet. IT professionals always seek to introduce the new software, improved and efficient from previous ones. Only those computer professionals can survive who remain up to date with the latest software. This article will provide you all the details about 70-162 exam, by the end of this article you will surely know about this certification deeply.

Computer Working Slow? A Computer Speed Test Will Help

Has your PC been running a little slow, lately? Running a computer speed test will help determine what the problem is and get your computer working like it did when you first purchased it. We all buy a new system hoping it will last forever, however, it usually isn’t long after we purchase it that it starts to slow down.

Make a Future With CCIE Certification

Cisco is a world famous Enterprise that offers certifications in networking, security and other technical courses. CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) is a well known Cisco certified program that is one of the best for the students who want to become expert in the area of internet working.

How to Prepare For the CCIE Exam

Statistics say you need thorough Cisco CCIE training, and ideally a Cisco CCIE boot camp, before you can even start dreaming about being certified an internetworking professional. Less than 10% of the applicants clear the exam on an average, and Cisco CCIE courses cost quite a bit. Sitting in the exams is not exactly cheap either, so whether you use Cisco CCIE written training or a Cisco CCIE lab boot camp, the goal is to prepare in a way that you end up in the category that holds the less than 10% applicants for CCIE.

How to Become CCIE Certified

It is a huge career choice to take up a Cisco CCIE course. The Cisco CCIE training as well as the actual tests cost enough, but the hardest factor is actually passing the exams. There are Cisco CCIE boot camps for applicants where they can learn, and more importantly, get Cisco CCIE lab training during the camps. If there is anything more important than a rigorous Cisco CCIE lab boot camp, it is preparing your mind for the job. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider for your Cisco CCIE course.

Understanding CCIE

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Just the title is daunting, so is actually trying to achieve this coveted certification.

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