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Dos and Don’ts for Microsoft Certification Exams

Many people resolve to get Microsoft Certified but do not have the first clue about proper preparation for the exam before going down to the testing center. Although experienced programmers are likely to fare well without a lot of prep work (at least one would hope so!), one should not discount the breadth of information that is covered on these exams.

Cisco’s Organized and Systematic 642-456 Exam

Since many years, Cisco has been working in the field of information technology and has earned a good reputation in the market. Having achieved the status, the company came up with a number of certifications so as to cater to information technology professionals on a more personal level. One of Cisco’s most outstanding offerings is the 642-456 certification, as it is more popularly known. This exam is a part of Cisco’s CCVP exam and is actually the Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony Part 2. The certification preparation of this exam brings out an excellent opportunity for information technology professionals to gain and prove their knowledge in networking…

Preventing Computer Troubleshooting Through A+ Certification Preparation

It is a common problem in almost every computer to troubleshoot and people around the world go mad when their computers bring out such problems. Whether a computer is being used in a house or in an organization, troubleshooting leads people to kick, smack, knock and punch their systems. No doubt the problem is really irritating and time wasting. How can information technology experts create a good business out of this troubleshooting problem is by giving an A+ certification exam.

CompTIA’s Top IT 3 Certifications for Beginners

Individuals related to the field of information technology around the globe opt for certifications which best suite them and their interests. They do this in order to add a plus point to their CVs and hence brighten their future through finding better jobs. Most of these exams, unfortunately, include certification preparations that are suitable only for information technology professionals. Those who are new to the field, rarely find anything of their interests. Newcomers to the world of information technology should not loose hope and head out to enhance their knowledge in hardware, software and computer networking.

IBM’s Trend Setting 000-543 Examination

With so much already going on in the field, 000-543 exam is yet another benchmark for information technology professionals. It empowers skill and knowledge regarding database applications and is particularly helpful for candidates who are have a prior experience in the field of information technology. If an individual already has some knowledge in the field, taking certification preparations for exam 000-543 should of immense help and interest to them. This exam helps enhance skill and ability to design and built database applications. Furthermore, it also includes execution and deployment of these applications. The environment used for this work is DB2 9.7 from IBM.

Certification Debate

Whether or not to get certified has been a widely debated topic for as long as I can remember. On one side of the fence are those that see great value in certification, that claim that there is no better way to measure a candidate’s technical ability. On the other side of the fence are those that see absolutely no value in certifications, that argue that a piece of paper earned by memorizing and taking a multiple-choice test does not prove or replace the value of true experience and real-world knowledge. As for me, you could say that I am sit Objectively speaking, any certificate is no substitute for experience, but that does not mean that you do not need Oracle Certification.

What Is ITIL And Why Should I Be Interested?

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a body of knowledge that was developed so that managers and personnel in IT operations and development have a reference for checklists, established practices, tasks and procedures.

The Unmatched Convenience of Online Testing

These days, employers know this scenario all too well: you post your job opening ad, your phone starts ringing every other minute and applicants start to appear on your office door lining up. Overwhelmed by the unexpected number of applicants, you realize you are out of time to put your employment screening in place.

What To Expect With ITIL Training

ITIL Training can be the key to advancing your career. At a time with downsizings, consolidations, and layoffs in many industry, finding ways to make yourself more indispensable and deemed greater value can go a long way towards maintaining your current position and setting yourself up for promotions and greater job responsibilities. Of course, most people are all for this but many have little knowledge about the certification process and what to expect. Here, we provide a little insight into this training to give them a better feel for what they will find with their training.

Join the Information Technology Revolution and Improve Your Chances of Employment

The Information Technology revolution has changed the face of the workplace in the recent past, the present, and, with new technological advances evolving rapidly, for the foreseeable future. This poses the same kind of threat that machinery posed during the industrial revolution, in theory the machines are units of production that far outweigh the capabilities of human beings.

HP Certifications – Validation for IT Professionals

Are you looking for getting certificate in hardware? Many companies and institutions are offering these certificates and among these companies Dell is the most famous company who is known for its products. Their name is among the top companies over a period of twenty years and more.

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